"The better each individual feels and lives and succeeds in life, the better it is for all of us."

What was your previous (or current other) career, training or background?

Coming from a corporate and advertising background (Coca-Cola and Pharma companies) in Germany, I discovered 10 years ago that my true path was to work in a value driven and sustainable environment. My life completely changed after I met Madeleine Shaw at a conference in Portland, Oregon (World Domination Summit) when I learned about healthy, sustainable menstrual products. I became not only an ambassador, but Lunapads/Aisle’s European branch entrepreneur and sold their products in the German-speaking countries online. After another employment and still burning for online marketing, I started my latest endeavor and am now Heilpraxis Coach (Healing practice coach), helping alternative practitioners and therapists to create a successful & sustainable practice.

What change are you seeking to create through this initiative?

My vision is to facilitate access to holistic and alternative healing methods for as many people as possible by helping to make alternative offers and healing practices better known and positively charge their public image.

What does the concept of ‘the greater good’ mean to you?

The greater good is super important to me. The better each individual feels and lives (and succeeds) in life, the better it is for all of us. We may only think “I” is a small unit. But in fact, “I” makes easily a “WE,” and we are everything.

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