I like to think of vision as social change ‘make believe’ - what happens when we ask the question “What would a better world look like?”

Vision is the most fun, inspiring and significant part of crafting a social impact project or venture: it literally lies at the heart of it. Vision is typically rooted in a combination of lived experience and values, so paying close attention to both of these things is critical as we seek to articulate it. Every venture that I have created has a distinct vision, and reflects different aspects of my life, partnerships and social change goals.

I sum up my personal vision as a changemaker as something I call Radiance, a word I use to describe the multi-dimensional impact that is possible when we align the integrity of our leadership with the impact of our initiatives. Radiance is about so much more than the traditional metrics of scale and business success, and includes things that we can’t necessarily quantify or that may not come to fruition for many years.

As part of articulating what Radiance means to me, I have crafted a Credo, a short list of aspects of how I think about it, as an example.

What’s your vision, and what are ways to express it that feel meaningful to you?

Radiance Credo

See whatever you pursue as a deeply personal and creative form of self-expression, even art. 

Collaborate and be attuned and open to diverse, creative ways of understanding partnership. Think collectively, rather than individually. 

Open yourself to non-linear, fact-based forms of intelligence like intuition, emotion and body wisdom.

Consider how your initiative can support widespread progressive systems change, not just its own or your personal success.
Reframe transactional thinking to relational thinking. We are not truly separate from nature or one another. There are no ‘externalities’.
Respect and make room for others. Relationships are everything. Lift as you rise.